Welcome to my multi-dimensional practice with offerings focused on recovery, spirituality, support, and wholeheartedness. All my work is rooted in storytelling and healing.

I love comedy, fashion, vintage, cats, and more. I'm terminally online (as seen on Twitter) and I love living in Austin, TX. 

I love getting to know new people, so don't be a stranger! Explore the site to learn more, take good care of yourself, and remember: belovedness is your birthright.


Sober Spirituality offers encouragement, wisdom, and practical insight for readers who want to reexamine their relationship with alcohol. I name not only the challenges of sobriety and spirituality but also the tremendous gifts and blessings that come through quitting drinking or being more mindful about alcohol use.

Ultimately, this book declares we are all worthy of an abundant and joyful life in mind, body, and soul.

Sober Spirituality is set to release April 18, 2023!


I offer Recovery Coaching and Gather the Inklings Coaching, which are each coaching programs that provide empathy and support for people seeking mind, body, and soul healing. Explore my coaching pages to see if you'd like to work together in a 1:1 setting!


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Discerning Sobriety is a 40 day course sent directly to your e-mail! Each morning you'll receive a reflection or practice to help you bring mindfulness into your relationship with alcohol.

The course offers spiritual practices to help you listen to your mind, body, and soul, so you can change your relationship with alcohol, become more attentive to how your drink, and integrate spirituality into your recovery.